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Psychiatrist Testimonials Upper West Side

The testimonials below are from actual patients. If you are a patient of ours and wish to submit your own review, please click here.


Hi, my name is Jackie and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn’s for years. She’s helped me with an eating disorder and coping with anxiety and depression in dealing with some family issues. I’ve referred friends and family to Dr. Juliane Zenn because she’s understanding, she’s wise, she’s friendly and she has a very calm, kind and professional demeanor. She helped me with medication and one on one therapy and I always walk out of her office feeling refreshed and calm and a little bit healthier. I highly recommend Dr. Juliane Zenn!

Tom, Rutherford, NJ

Hi, my name is Tom from Rutherford. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn’s for close to 20 years. I’ve found her to be extremely supportive and reassuring and would be a good person you’d want in your corner for giving you good feedback, helping you solve problems. I have seen her for anxiety issues and I’ve seen her for medication management but also for therapy. I’m kind of a combination of both things and like I said she’s efficient, she always calls back quickly; very professional and respectful. It’s definitely a situation that’s worked for me, she’s always easy to work with and a really good support person for me so I recommend her highly.

Fran, Maplewood

My name is Fran. I’m from Maplewood and I go to Dr. Juliane Zenn. She’s a very personable doctor, she’s extremely nice, I have the highest respect for her and I enjoy seeing her. She has put me on medication that has helped me with all my depression symptoms such as anxiety and mood disorders to name a few and it works great. She’s the best psychiatrist I have ever worked with and she came highly recommended by friends.

Jennifer, Clark, NJ

My name is Jennifer from Clark, New Jersey and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn’s for the past five years. I came to see her shortly after the birth of my first child and I was having a hard time with postpartum depression. I was referred to her by my best friend and sister and she was able to see me within 24 hours of me calling her and I’ve been seeing her ever since. I’ve gotten through another pregnancy and postpartum with her help and have been doing really great. I think that it’s really helpful to have a therapist who is a woman who is easy to talk to and who’s always available via phone or an appointment. She always answers the phone herself, you don’t have to go through a middleman and I found that to be really helpful, and that’s my experience.


My name is Lorraine and I began seeing Dr. Juliane Zenn for an eating disorder, depression and anxiety. She was an integral part of the support system that helped me recover from my eating disorder. I still see her for depression and she's always available by phone or for an appointment whenever I need her. Most of all, she's a kind person and a good listener and a skilled clinician. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a psychiatrist. Thank you.

Nicole, Carteret,NJ

Hi, my name is Nicole from Carteret, New Jersey and I'm 23 years old. I first began seeing Dr. Juliane Zenn when I was 16 and suffering from anorexia and depression. Through my sessions with Dr. Juliane Zenn I was able to discover and work through the underlying issues that led to my eating disorder. In addition, Dr. Juliane Zenn was able to prescribe me medication that boosted my mood and morale and really gave me the will to get better. She's been excellent at monitoring my moods while on medication and adjusting the dosage to enable the best results for my daily life. Dr. Juliane Zenn has always been readily available whenever I need to talk about issues or if I have questions about my medication. Thanks to Dr. Juliane Zenn's support and guidance I have fully recovered from my eating disorder and have bounced back from a once deep depression. I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering from similar debilitating conditions. Thank you.


It is my recommendation that Dr. Juliane Zenn is truly an expert in her field of psychiatry. I choose not to use my name only for the purpose of maintaining my privacy. I have been a patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn for approximately two years. I am a female in my late 30s who is currently going through a divorce. I have a child, which makes this process of separation with my spouse more challenging. I started with Dr. Juliane Zenn at the beginning stages of my separation. There were many obstacles I had to address, not only regarding my feelings but also focusing on the best interest of my young child. From the beginning, Dr. Juliane Zenn was able to guide me through the emotional turmoil that seemed to continuously change from week to week. She was always available when needed for support and reassurance. Through the ups and downs and depression, the medication she prescribed had to be occasionally adjusted. With therapy and appropriate medication, my life has greatly improved. Dr. Juliane Zenn has brought out the confidence in me to make choices that are necessary so my child and I have a bright and wonderful future together. The individualized dedication and commitment Dr. Juliane Zenn has provided me, I have become the person I am today. I am so pleased with the progress I have made with Dr. Juliane Zenn and look forward to continuing my counseling with her.

Sarah, Montville, NJ

I've been a patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn's for 15 years. She has treated me for anorexia and bulimia, first as an adolescent and into adulthood. Dr. Juliane Zenn's warmth and compassion in combination with her expertise on my illness has been essential to my recovery. She has helped me work through many of my challenging times in my life, specifically throughout my pregnancy. I can honestly say that I don't think that I would've gotten through them without her help. As a long time patient of Dr. Juliane Zenn's I feel very lucky to live by someone who truly understands the mindset and everyday struggles of someone with an eating disorder. I feel very confident recommending her as a clinician for anyone suffering from a mood or eating disorder.

Karen Kaplan-Grumet

Hi there, my name is Karen Kaplan-Grumet and I'm a registered dietitian working in Summit who specializes in eating disorders and I've worked with Dr. Juliane Zenn over the ten plus years with many of my eating disorder patients and find her to be quite compassionate and very appropriate with extensive eating disorder counseling experience and I would certainly refer to her in the future.